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Bliss Lei
Sleep Creep Bliss Lei
Don't you just love cute petite Asian sluts especially when they work out? Bliss Lei's gorgeous tight body bobs and weaves as she punches a few bags and drips with sweat, maikng her perky tits glisten and her delicious round ass...
Kacey Jordan
Sleep Creep Kacey Jordan
Kacey Jordan is a knockout teenager who is into keeping into shape, working out and fucking boys! When we watched her run on the treadmill we couldn't help but stare at those amazing tits and that fucking gorgeous ass bouncing...

Lana Violet
Sleep Creep Lana Violet
Lana Violet loves playing basketball and apparently getting sleep creeped! This adorable but smoking hot Asian teenager loves sucking cocks even in her sleep! There isn't anything this gorgeous perky breasted, tight pussy cum...
Kim Capri
Sleep Creep Kim Capri
Kim Capri loves getting wet in more ways than one. She was washing her parents car while they were out of town and since she only had a few hours before they got back she had to clean up after a long weekend of partying...

Isis Taylor
Sleep Creep Isis Taylor
Isis Taylor loves riding her bike but gets exhausted after awhile so she ends up at home taking a nap to refresh her gorgeous busty 18 year old body. With her sleep creeping boyfriend usually around he has the time of his life fucking..
Eva Ellington
Sleep Creep Eva Ellington
Sunbathing sweetheart Eva Ellington was outside taking a nap under the sun enjoying the cool breeze caressing her succulent breasts and succumbing to the warm sun beating on her 18 year old thighs. And just like the sun, the...

Kandi Milan
Sleep Creep Kandi Milan
One of the hottest Asian 18 year old sluts, Kandi Milan was quietly sleeping after a hardcore night of sex and uncontrollable cum binge! As sweet as this slut is, her innocent looks are just a facade for her unbelievable sexual perso...
Elizabeth Ann
Sleep Creep Elizabeth Ann
While cleaning pools for a part time job, Elizabeth Ann is trying to save up for a dream dress. Trouble is she is a horrible pool girl, falling asleep on the job and offering her tight 18 year old pussy as payment. With a perky firm teenage..

Michelle Honeywell
Sleep Creep Michelle Honeywell
Bookworm Michelle Honeywell was up late last night studying hard when she passed out in her tight little panties and with her adorable reading glasses still on. Great opportunity for a sleep creep to slide in and give her more to material
Rebecca Blue
Sleep Creep Rebecca Blue
We took Rebecca shopping the other day and when she got home she was pooped. We spent all day laughing and fucking around, even got a few blowjobs, maybe thats what wore her out. She ended up on the couch with...

Madison Ivy
Sleep Creep Madison Ivy
After a crazy party last night, Todd made nice with a 19 year old teen brunette slut with an incredible body! Perky tits, gorgeous eyes and the sweetest pussy you can find on a college freshman. The next morning Todd and Will headed...
Brooke Adams
Sleep Creep Brooke Adams
Todd Todd is a fucking hot teen magician when it comes to finding these fucking amazingly hot chicks who love to get sleep creeped! Will and Todd followed smoking hot busty Brooke home from jogging back to her house...

Ashlyn Rae
Sleep Creep Ashlyn Rae
18 year old slutty little bitch, Ashlyn Rae just flew in and is crashing at her cousin's place. She was complaining she needed to get fucked so this morning when her cousin left for work, he told her to sleep in and he called...
Holly Jay
Sleep Creep Holly Jay
As Holly slept in my master bedroom, her plump round and amazingily delicious tits were bursting out of her top! Her ass was glowing against the warm tones of the bright morning sun shining through the window, picking up...

Jesse Jordan
Sleep Creep Jesse Jordan
Todd Todd was lucky enough to bang this 18 year old Asian slut who just loves to stay up late and fuck all night! As a good buddy will do, he passed her on this morning to a good friend of his while she was passed out after staying...
Audrianna Angel
Sleep Creep Audrianna Angel
Audrianna was fucking lucky enough to get a real job as a secretary, well after sucking off the creepy boss's cock. Asleep on the job at her desk, the sleepcreep moves in and gives her a huge raise.. in her mouth! This 18 year...

Jasmine Jolie
Sleep Creep Jasmine Jolie
I called up my ex girlfriend last night and had her come over and catch up on some old times. When she walked in I realized I'd forgotten how hot she was! Blonde, cute as a button and hornier than any fucking slut out there! We...
Rita Lovely
Sleep Creep Rita Lovely
Todd Todd met a perfect 18 year old redhead slut in his TV production class. After class they went back to her place and studied all night! After long hours of hitting the books, Rita knocked out in her panties on the couch! Will came ove..

Tara Lynn Foxx
Sleep Creep Tara Lynn Foxx
Tara Lynn is passed out in my room after succumbing to a sugar coma! Too many easter chocolate eggs and candy made her crash to my benefit! Tara has some of the nicest and most delicious chest eggs I've wrapped my lips...
Cheyenne Cooper
Sleep Creep Cheyenne Cooper
After an intense work out with my girl Cheyenne we ended up tired and found ouurselves in the locker room. After my shower I look over and see Cheyenne passed out in her cheerleader outfit with her pink tight pussy snugged in her...

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Rabbits Reviews:
"Sleep Creep has 49 episodes so far. They show sleeping women getting plowed by their horny male lovers. There are galleries of high-res pics accompanying each scene. Vids come in streaming Flash format. They can also be downloaded in Windows Media and MPEG files. They both give you excellent-looking playback. They add a new scene every week. There are 19 full-access bonus sites that make a membership worth having.

We've all seen our woman fast asleep. She looks so peaceful and vulnerable, lulled into a false sense of security. You know it's hard not to just jump her bones, but that's what the dudes on Sleep Creep do. The site lets you enjoy the doing of dozing babes without risking physical harm to yourself.
On SleepCreep you'll see sleepy chicks get filled with their dicks or covered in their sperm as a kind of rude awakening. They don't seem to mind. However, let's face it. It totally depends on your gal. Some are horny even when they're in a semi-unconscious state, others would bitch-slap you, then gouge out your eyes if you disturbed their sleep. Sometimes it isn't worth the risk.

The 49 videos on come in three file types. You can stream them in Flash and I can't confirm the bit rate, but it looks good. You can download them in Windows Media and MPEG files, both providing you with excellent-quality playback. The scenarios last around 25 minutes.
All the chicks must be afraid of the dark since they sleep with some sort of light on. The scenes had a bit of shadowy lighting to contend with when it came to seeing the penetration clearly. I also noticed at least one scene with a huge amount of cream that seemed unnaturally large for a real cumshot.

There are 49 galleries of high-res pics. The sets are large with anywhere from over 250 frames to more than 400. You'll see the lady quietly asleep. Just like women on TV, the sleeping babe has gone to bed wearing makeup, a sexy bra and panties. A horny dude comes creeping up on her. The guy pulls down her bra to show off her tits and tweaks her nipples. He then pulls her panties to one side to finger her pussy. Eventually, he slides his big cock up her wet pussy. Most of the time, he'll end it with a facial.

You also get 19 full-access bonus sites, such as Deepthroat Love, 18 Years Old, Freaks Of Cock, 40 Oz Bounce and Cock Competition. The content is updated once a week, so the sleep action is growing and the bonus content will keep you busy while you wait. SleepCreep is a growing but worthwhile site."

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